Friday, April 24, 2009

iPhone Application Development - Thanks Apple & Stanford

In case you haven't already seen this in multiple places and you are interested in getting started in writing applications for the iPhone, take a look at the course that is being offered right now at Stanford and also offered to the world for no credit through iTunes U.

I have watched a couple of the lectures so far, and am trying to keep up, but it just takes a bit more time than I currently have with everything else on my plate. I have quite a few good ideas that I hope I can one day produce, but it all comes down to whether or not I will ever have time. This is an actual college course though, so it does take you from the basics of learning Objective-C all the way to creating much more advanced applications.

If you would like more information, search for Stanford within iTunes, or you can find the actual class website with all lecture slides, assignments, a direct iTunes link, and other information at the following link:

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