Monday, May 25, 2009

Upgrading our VMware Infrastructure to vSphere 4

This week VMware released their major upgrade to the VMware Infrastructure. In case you haven't seen anything about it, you can read more at There are some really cool new features in this new release, and there are also some significant performance gains that could be realized with an upgrade to vSphere 4.

Since I listen to a lot of podcasts regarding VMware and having been hearing about the release for months, I having been waiting on this upgrade for a while now. Also, since we are not quite in the production stages of our VMware implementation I figured that an upgrade the first day that the bits are released to the public would be an acceptable risk.

I am happy to say that the upgrade went fairly well, our vCenter and ESX hosts are all upgraded as well as the virtual machines residing on them. I am still running into some glitches with Converter Enterprise and Consolidation Manager, but those will be worked out in the next few days. The installation process is really a fairly simple one, especially if you go through the upgrade center on the VMware site and watch the videos. I had already watched them once, but I used them to following along to during my upgrade process, and everything really went well. Thanks for that VMware, maybe an idea for some other vendors out there when it comes to big releases and upgrades that all your users are facing.

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