Sunday, June 28, 2009

Interesting Thoughts From Following NECC Virtually Today

Following up on yesterday's post about following conferences virtually without being there, I figured I would share some of the things I have seen today that may be interesting to others out there do the same thing as I am.

Here are a couple of hashtags that may be good to follow #notatnecc09 & #neccunplugged. NECC Unplugged is starting tomorrow, and is more of an unconference existing inside the main conference and will be broadcasting all their sessions through Elluminate.

Here's a live blog of Malcolm Gladwell's opening Keynote speech.

Site doing a great job of cataloging what is going on online at NECC for those of us unfortunate enough not to be there.

Like yesterday, I found some interesting quotes via Twitter I would like to share, I have left out all of the Gladwell quotes, as you should be able to find those in any of the coverage of his keynote, but here are some of the others:

#necc09 #necc #iste for that matter, as meaningful learning moves online, will classrooms be only for those too skillless to escape class? @AndrewBWatt

The illiterate of the 21st c'y are not those who can't read or write, but those who can't learn, unlearn and relearn #NECC09 @ISTEGlobal

Reading: "Utah University Lifts Ban on YouTube" Cites educational content. Shocking! If Brigham Young can do it... @willrich45

Huge indictment of investment in IWBs instead of netbooks -- teacher-centered decision, not student-centered one #CCDC09 @wsstephens

if most students soon will have data access through their own devices and schools can't filter, how will schools react? #necc09 @mhines

#necc #neccunplugged "Technology has transformed our lives except in our schools" @oysteinj

Stager said student use of computers is often superficial. After all, getting images off digital camera should be a baseline skill #CCDC09 @wsstephens

Being able to get the computer to do something that it already doesn't do is a critical life skill. #ccdc09 @lnitsche

I'll try and keep this up for the rest of the conference, but with having to go back to work tomorrow, it may make it a bit harder.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Following Conferences Virtually Is Like Drinking From a Firehose

So this year I am unable to attend NECC or any other conferences out of state due to budget reductions occurring in our district. I was even accepted to speak again this year, but had to decline. Anyway enough of my back story.

So this year I am attempting to follow what is going on at NECC through Twitter and blogs that I currently read. And much like other in-person events I have attempted to follow virtually (WWDC & Google I/O), the amount of information coming out of these events is overwhelming.

But with that being said, I did have some free time to follow what is going on, and since the conference hasn't fully kicked off, it was possible to find some really interesting and thought provoking tweets from today that I think should really be seen by a greater audience. Here are some of those:

There shouldn't be an Acceptable Use Policy, you should have a RESPONSIBLE Use Policy. -someone at my session. @imcguy

Don't call it Social Networking, it's Educational Networking - Doug Johnson.

@ittosde @imcguy I want districts to have an Empowered Use Policy. =) You, as a student/employee, have the right to be empowered to... @mcleod

Re: web filtering... "we know some kids will drink on prom night- we don't fix it by closing down prom" ~ @mcleod

We spend so much time teaching appropriate use. We need to teach EMPOWERED use as well. @bethstill

How about if we teach CTS computer programming by having kids learn to program iTouch apps. Bet that would engage students!! @kaminskiterry

As I try and keep up on this knowledge deluge the next few days, I will try and post some of the more interesting things here Tweet about them