Thursday, February 4, 2010

Google Apps Directory Sync - Specific Group/OU Selection

Over the past year people have asked me how they can go about deploying Google Apps in their organization, and how they can do it on a limited basis at first.  That answer is a bit more complex than I want to tackle today, but in the last few days I had a colleague in a local school district ask how he could deploy a few accounts while still using GADS.  That is something I will tackle today, if you would like to follow along, I would hope you have some experience (at least installing) Google Apps Directory Sync.

The situation here is the following, my colleague wanted to create a group in Active Directory, and then when specific users needed to have accounts in Google Apps, he would just drop them into there, and the next run of GADS will create the accounts in Google Apps.  I knew this could be done, but had never done it, so here without further ado is what is necessary.  After the break you will find the entire instructions for successfully setting this up.